Economic and regional politics

As an institution of the economy, the Chamber represents the overall interests of the member businesses.

The Chamber is regionally orientated in this respect. It shapes and promotes economic matters in the region. This means engagement for the economic location, work towards achieving an ideal infrastructure and economically friendly conditions, for example in the planning and establishment of transport and commercial areas, in questions related to energy, technology and the environment, and in taxation and household politics. This regional orientation involves working in a range of regional political committees such as the Steering Committee and the Expert Committees of the EU Regions and the lower Rhine regional agents.

Further, the Chamber also takes a position in relation to regional political and economic issues.

The Chamber’s responsibility for its own region requires interregional involvement. Economic relationships do not end at the border of the region. The general conditions are largely determined by the national and international political, social and economic situation. In order to have an influence here, the Chamber works on a State level in the North Rhine Westphalia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and on a federal level in the German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.